Power Opportunities
Case Studies

Having been investors in the electric and natural gas industry for over fifteen years, we have deep experience in most aspects of these sectors from traditional fossil generation to utility infrastructure and operations to end-use energy management and emerging renewable generation technologies. Further, we have invested in many different business models including services, software, products and technology. The following are brief case studies designed to provide an introduction to this breadth of investment experience and how we have worked with our portfolio company management teams to add value post-investment:

Caminus Corporation

Energy trading and risk management software

Cannon Technologies Inc

Technology and software for distribution grid management and control

Elgin National Industries

Coal materials handling equipment, engineering and construction

Genscape Inc

Proprietary generation and transmission system information services

GT Solar International Inc

Capital equipment for the solar photovoltaic industry

InfraSource Services Inc

Electricity and natural gas infrastructure construction


Energy efficiency performance contracting

Power Measurement Inc

Digital power measurement and control technologies

UtiliQuest LLC

Underground locating services